Covering A Diverse Range Of Industries

Our highly experienced design team use the latest tools and software to ensure client’s projects meet & exceed expectations.

The range of services provided across Hort Enterprises means we have the ability to complete projects in-house & on target.

Cross Industry Expertise:

Hort Enterprises specialist and highly experienced team are available to assist with your design process, with the following capabilities:

  • Experience with a range of CAD software packages such as AutoCAD, Inventor, Navisworks and Recap gives our team the flexibility to handle a wide range of projects for our clients.
  • Our design team works closely with our clients to ensure a practical and fit for purpose end design.
  • Online design review meetings, where CAD models can be shared and viewed in detail, assists with project time constraints and allows clients to have detailed input throughout the design process regardless of physical location.

Having a large team of Design Drafting personnel allows us to work on multiple projects in parallel helping our customers meet their project target

Hort Enterprises facilities include the latest in survey and 3D laser scanning to provide detailed measurements and images of job sites and existing plant. This data is utilised throughout the design process to ensure a dimensionally correct design with clashes detected and resolved during the design phase prior to on site installation.

Being a multifaceted engineering company gives us the ability to offer Designing, Drafting, Manufacturing and Installation all under the one roof. Our design team work with experienced in-house fabricators, installation crews and project managers to ensure a smooth project delivery. This saves time, money and management resources for our clients.

Our effective project management starts at the design & drafting phase and flows through our other functional areas to ensure our customers are provided with a quality outcome.

Every day is a new day for us & we work really hard to satisfy our customers everywhere

With more than 25 years in the industry, Hort Enterprises has evolved from an engineering support business for the local agricultural sector to become a full-scale engineering operation with strong links to the mining sector throughout Australia

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