Hort Enterprises Rubber & Ceramic lining facilities provide the best in materials, with superior workmanship culminating in a

World Class Lining Service. Hort Enterprises provides an excellent service that sets the benchmark for others to follow.

Why Utilize Wear Resistant Materials?

Hort Enterprises Wear Resistant Materials provides state of the art rubber and paint facilities resulting in world class finishing & providing for greatly improved durability of the finishes applied to assets.

Horts facilities include:

  • Orange – Rubber & Ceramic lining facility – 800 sqm

Our team of experienced team of tradesmen are highly skilled & experienced in Abrasive Blast & Application of Protective Coatings, Rubber & Ceramic linings.

Rubber Linings

The Benefits of Applying Quality Rubber Linings Include:

  • Extremely effective abrasion resistant material
  • Highly resilient & low hardness
  • Able to absorb & repulse impact
  • Resistant to corrosion & chemical attack
  • Reduces wear & maintenance costs
  • Reduces noise & vibration

WRMWRMWRMHorts Protective Ceramic & Rubber Linings

Ceramic Linings

The Benefits of Applying Quality Ceramic Linings Include:

  • For more severe applications where rubber may be unsuitable high-grade alumina tiles made from exceptionally pure, uniformly controlled alpha aluminium oxide engineered to be one of the best wear materials available for fine particle abrasion
  • Offers excellent mechanical properties, superior wear resistance & desirable corrosion performance
  • Pre-engineered and advanced processing techniques have enabled the manufacture of alumina in a variety of geometric shapes from simple to complex
  • Combined with the appropriate attachment method, alumina can overcome temperature limitations, impact and abrasion problems in many different environments

From concept, through manufacturing, to abrasive blast, paint & rubber lining our project management process is seamless.

Every day is a new day for us & we work really hard to satisfy our customers everywhere

With more than 25 years in the industry, Hort Enterprises has evolved from an engineering support business for the local agricultural sector to become a full-scale engineering operation with strong links to the mining sector throughout Australia

Contact Information

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