Our teams are experienced in executing jobs on greenfield sites and operating plants.

Our customers have the confidence that we understand the different challenges that arise during job execution.


We understand the importance of completing maintenance works to the highest level so as to ensure plant availability is maximised between planned outages. Our teams can provide labour as directed by our clients supervisory and shutdown planning teams. We also provide shutdown specialists services, where our team will work with site planning and maintenance teams to review the scope of works and challenging the scope for allocated hours and personnel requirements. Once manning levels, required trades and work order hours have been levelled and are approved by the client, Gantt charts are updated to reflect changes. Our off-site team then resource the personnel required for the shutdown duration.

…Our experienced execution team specialises in maintaining crushing, screening, grinding and flotation systems across many mine sites. There is no job too large or too small.

Our shutdown specialists will bring in their supervisory team to familiarise themselves in their areas of responsibility. The timing of this depends on the workload and duration time of the outage. Shutdown personnel are then allocated to the best fit across the scheduled job tasks. Our team will report back to the planners at nominated times to give progress updates to allow for the planners to monitor actual and emergent works to the schedule. Once the outage is completed the plant is handed back with a smaller commissioning team to assist with the start-up.

Our highly skilled shutdown planning & execution teams specialise in all facets of project management specifically in planning, scheduling, execution, cost control reporting, WHS&E & commissioning…

Post shut reporting includes feedback from the onsite and offsite teams to provide feedback to the client for what went well and areas identified for improvement.

  • WHS&E improvements
  • Quality related improvements ie. rubber/ceramic/bisalloy/etc
  • Pre-Shutdown planning
  • Shutdown and site maintenance
  • Post shut review and reporting
  • Project installations
  • Maintenance shift work & coverage

Hort Enterprises – Your Strategic Maintenance Service Provider for Fixed Plant Shutdowns.


Our innovative & dynamic project teams have proven experience in providing quality outcomes across new greenfield sites or already operating environments. Our broad experience across a wide range of environments places Hort Enterprises as ideal partners in Shutdown projects, one-off projects changes across mine sites & a variety of onsite assets. Our skills and experience enables us to design, refine or maintain, repair or replace equipment in these environments by utilizing the strengths across the Hort Enterprises highly skilled project teams and extensive equipment on offer across our excellent Workshops, Painting/Blasting and Fabrication facilities.

Our Project work teams have a full range of internal support depending on the size or complexity of the project. This support is in the way of Engineering both Mechanical and Structural, Design Drafting, Fabrication, Machining, Administration, WH&S and I.T. Having this back up provides quick solutions to those parts of the Project that may not quite come together as they were designed. Or if there is scope growth within the Project this can be priced and scheduled without interruption to the work team.

This rare breadth of integration of inhouse services across the Hort Enterprises business provides for heightened quality outcomes, with excellent collaboration across the organisation. This enables the smooth flow and execution of jobs by leveraging improvements in collaboration with customers on project streamlines. In effect this improves the entire job process from start to finish.

We hold the quality of our work to the highest level and we put all of the checks and measures required to identify any potential issues so that they can be rectified quickly. Our clients can feel confident that we see ourselves as an invested partner when undertaking a project, with the aim always to be on time, on budget with the highest quality.

Every day is a new day for us & we work really hard to satisfy our customers everywhere

With more than 25 years in the industry, Hort Enterprises has evolved from an engineering support business for the local agricultural sector to become a full-scale engineering operation with strong links to the mining sector throughout Australia

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