Hort Enterprises prides itself on our commitment to our WHS&E obligations for our employees, customers and the community.

Hort Enterprises upholds the Health and Safety of its employees, customers and the public as the highest priority.

Hort Enterprises is ISO 45001 compliant and for over 25 years of operation we have developed a culture where health and safety is imbedded at the forefront of our employees minds, weather it is at work or at home.

We operate on an attitude where everyone goes home safe and healthy each and every day.

We assess hazards and risks associated within the industry to proactively improve and create a safer workplace that everyone can feel confident to work in.

We learn from our past experiences and from other organizations to ensure we implement controls accordingly.

Hort Enterprises prides itself in Environmental management as part of its daily operations.

Hort Enterprises is ISO 14001 Environmental Management compliant.

We operate under specifically developed procedures and systems that support the implementation these standards and complement our customers environmental systems.

Safety Systems

Hort Enterprises has  developed and maintains world class safety systems so as to ensure that our processes and systems are relevant, accurate, honest and transparent for all stakeholders. All systems are electronic and in real time for ease of access with appropriate levels of confidentiality where necessary.

Our systems are developed with over 25 years of industry experience, creating a proactive safety culture that our employees support.

Project Works and Shutdowns

Hort Enterprises Prides itself in supplying Safety as an imbedded part of it’s day to day operations on Projects and Sites. We supply a leadership team highly focused on executing safe work as a priority. We can also supply Safety Support Services throughout the duration of the Project works or Shutdown services.

This service provides appropriately trained personnel with experience in the industry to assist the leadership team and personnel to execute planned works safely with a target of zero incidents or injuries. The Safety support team can assist in;

  • Pre works planning and risk assessments
  • In field observations
  • Systems and processes support
  • Incident investigations
  • Hazard control and development
  • Site navigation assistance
  • Safety site reporting
  • Training requirements
  • Post shutdown review and reporting

Hort Enterprises – Leading its people and customers to safe work execution where each and every individual can go home in the same state of health as they arrived to work.

Every day is a new day for us & we work really hard to satisfy our customers everywhere

With more than 25 years in the industry, Hort Enterprises has evolved from an engineering support business for the local agricultural sector to become a full-scale engineering operation with strong links to the mining sector throughout Australia

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